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Goodwill is one of the pioneer shipping companies in the Maldives and was incorporated in 1986.

Our motto: "BE GOOD - DO GOOD".

We maintain high standards and have a very good reputation. Goodwill was established to provide employment opportunities to the Maldivian seamen in foreign shipping companies. We are dedicated to uplift the living standard of the people on the islands. Since the incorporation, we have provided more than 10,000 employment opportunities to the seamen. Upon completion of their employment they return back to their island and establish their own business activities. Others educate their children.

We feel proud be their ladder and part of their success. Due to our service the company received a Best Company Award from His Excellency, President of the Maldives.

Goodwill diversified its activities after the tsunami. Currently we act as agents for the leading companies handling development projects and tourism.

Today Goodwill has grown to be one of the leading trading houses in the country with diversified operations. At Goodwill we place great emphasis on quality service. Our Goodwill team can attend to all your requirements in a fast and cost effective manner. Whether it is shipping, tourism or trading we can be your partner in the Maldives and provide you with our best service.

We are the agents in the Maldives for the following leading companies:

Chartworld Shipping Corporation - Greece
Majestic Cruise Liner - Greece
Boskalis International - The Netherlands
Semco Maritime - Denmark
Cumin - Vietnam
Capital Investment and Finance Ltd - United Kingdom
Global Projects Development Company Ltd - Maldives

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